Gold detectors all canceled this strange device at a symbolic price

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Gold detectors all canceled this strange device at a symbolic price

مُساهمة من طرف ادارة المبيعات في السبت أغسطس 26, 2017 6:09 pm

For a device that has canceled all the previous devices to become the best device in the world to detect gold and treasures in all land containing salts and rocks and basaltic metals, which is not affected only metal required
Which is the best selling device since its release .. No to the failed devices after today, nor the greed of traders nor to the high prices after today .. The new device canceled all the above in the world of devices and the search for gold.
Are you tired of the failed electronic devices ?? Are you tired of searching for treasures, fossils and recipes, and you did not find them ?? This amazing device is designed for treasure hunters as well as prospectors, just getting this amazing device means finding those buried treasures. God Almighty
It is different from any copper or electronic device was manufactured in the world before because it does not depend on the leakage of ion or emissions leaked from the cracks but operates an unprecedented system at the worldThis atomic system purely depends on the atomic properties of the material It is known that each material atoms These atoms are composed of nuclei, protons, neutrons and electrons revolving around a specific electromagnetic charge generator. This is the only device capable of accurately identifying these charges for each material the device is defined to be able to capture from a distance of 100 meters and at a depth of 8 meters after final development. Dah in the trove, even if 21 different metal distinguishes all in Arabic and by a line of zero percent, and thankfully. The price is 3500 US dollars, including freight, which means that a quarter of the prices of foreign appliances failed to fill the markets to no avail and the efficiency of catching the target 100 percent if there is a device that canceled all previous devices and at a price also accessible to all groups rich and poor.
The most powerful device detecting gold and treasures is a smart and sophisticated copper device, specifications and possibilities never before invented for the first time in the world, accuracy in the results and multiple systems in a single device, the possibility of working efficiently up to 8 meters depth and a survey of gold on an area of ​​1000 square meters 100 length hit 100 Display, analysis and knowledge of the type of discovered metal, discovery of wisdom clay, Ottoman cement blocks, bars, closed gorges, gold, silver, diamonds, mines, water, wooden and iron boxes, copper pots, identification of arsenals and tombs with direction of head, Water and basalt rocks. The result is that it is basaltic rocks, which distinguishes quartz and all unwanted metals by name and in Arabic. It works in all kinds of soil, and God has provided many thanks to it. A symbolic price and a competitor with a quarter of the prices of the devices approach and not similar to that has not been invented a device like it before,

Provide penetration system for insulators such as wooden boxes, bags, solid plastic, asphalt, coal, asphalt, fabrics and all kinds of insulators, to be the only device capable of penetrating any kind of condoms without exception

With the possibility of shipping it to all countries and arrive safely to the door of the house has not been registered any problems of access by and without customs problems and for the simplicity of its form and installation, the device easy to carry light weight can be carried in a bag of small size. The copper machine is very smart and very well developed and all its sensitive parts inside the tube is a thermal dielectric crushing plant, non-perishable and guaranteed for life, after sales service is available to answer your inquiries, help you and advice at any time to get the best results and communicate with you as a consulting team. Gain your confidence and respect and offer you this device at only 3500 US dollars and we guarantee the cost of shipping free to the door of your house through the best air freight company >>
The device specification was first invented worldwide. .. There is no other source to market the device only through us
It is different from any copper or electronic device manufactured in the world before

Specifications and capabilities of the device: which we guarantee 100% literally and not words catalogs:
1 Search over 100 meters in four directions and you stand your place and scan the area in search of the thing you specify only .. gold, silver, graves, glassware. Tine wisdom etc
2 Set the target center and zero point completely
3 (Analysis of the type of metal that was discovered with precision)
It detects, identifies and distinguishes all of the following with extreme precision and reliability:
1 gold
2 silver
3 Copper .... useful in discovering treasures buried in copper pots and also in the identification of ammunition boxes of Ottoman gold boxes.
4 Aluminum
5 Pottery .... useful in the discovery of pottery and gold jars
6 Glassware
7 gunpowder .... This helps to know the sites of the Ottoman coffins if they are mined or not.
8 bones .... useful in identifying graves.
9 teeth .... useful in determining the direction of the head in the tomb to distinguish the Islamic graves and not to dig them as they go to the kiss.
10 Water ..... Most modern devices do not distinguish stagnant water spots under the rock and imagine that it went .. Our device determines water.
11 Vacuum ... and sets it on the word vacuum ... useful in the discovery of seducers and caves and hidden wells and graves and determined accurately on the index.
12 Wood .... useful in the discovery of Ottoman wooden boxes
13 Iron .... useful in the discovery of iron and wooden Ottoman boxes with iron locks and locks and buried Ottoman weapons.
14 Lead ... useful in distinguishing the golden pods from the Ottoman ammunition, and the head of the shots is of course made of lead.
15 diamonds.
16 basalt stones, magnetized and unwanted metal and deceive most types of devices .... Distinguish them accurately
17 Quartz ... Distinctly distinguishes it and deceives most old devices and will no longer dig after photographing the treasure you find in the quartz metal.
Wisdom. Useful in the detection of closed rings and groun.
19 sulfur ... which deceive the electronic devices and dig many of the deception and did not find anything ... Mark you on the stone of my pride do not dig
20 Plastic
********************************************** *****
Metal mixture ... It distinguishes you from the presence of more than metal and then in seconds goes to the analysis phase of this mixture and distinguishes you the types of metals in the target accurately and indicates the names of metals in your target.
Metal Analysis Analysis:
Example 1 If you stand on top of a wooden box containing 22-gauge Turkish gold and on the box is an ...
1 The machine will show you the word metal mixture target
2 After seconds will automatically move to the analysis phase of this mixture and will mark you on the word gold then wood then iron and then copper
This is because the largest quantity then went to the wood, then the iron pipe, then the copper, which was cast with gold, because it is 22 caliber,
** Example 2
If you stand on top of a Roman gold jar it will work as follows
1 shows you the target of a metal mixture
2 It is analyzed by marking on gold and then pottery .. This means that he went inside a pottery jar
** Example 3
If you discovered a jar of money or ran on a deaf rock, he would refer to a mixture and then analyze it to indicate gold and then a vacuum word and then a wisdom tine.
... as well as being ordered on the Ottoman gold buried in a copper military pot and so on
* Now only you can know the type of metal discovered by your device accurately before you overcome the drilling and you can determine the sediment and the catacombs and their contents and limits accurately and has been tried on buried targets and thank God The results were impressive and accurate accuracy and credibility.
The machine is light weight and easy to carry does not need experience at all and with a 3-page format is very easy and in Arabic.
Search method: Be over 100 meters in all directions and point to a distance indicator and lead you to the zero point directly without resolving the signals.
Method of analysis
When you reach the target, the indicator indicates that you are above it and you stand for analysis. The copper device points to a runway containing the previous types of metals written on it
It indicates and depends on the name of the metal you have discovered. In the case of a metal mixture such as the Turkish boxes, it refers to a mixture and then identifies the types of metals in this mixture or box, for example
To test the device you can bury all the above mentioned types of metal and then search for them by the device and walk over them and will identify the types and names of these metals accurately
The device was tested at a depth of 8 meters after the final development and its results were impressive and highly efficient
I have the honor to present it on your site after it has proved its worth at a symbolic price as well as a quarter of the price of foreign devices approach ... so that all who need it to buy it and buy it and dispense with the failed devices yellowing and light, which exhausted many people in search and digging to find water or cans of modern metal or basalt stones
Now you can only know the type of your target which is at a depth of 8 meters under the dirt.
1 - Lifetime maintenance warranty against any faults. Note that it is not exposed to the holidays and its parts are protected by protective cover and can not be damaged
2 If you do not find the device conforming to the specifications literally we ensure the return and refund of the full price within 48 hours of receipt and in this case the buyer bears the freight costs.
3 - To ensure communication with you after sales and guide you and respond to your inquiries regarding methods of use and the like to achieve the best results as soon as God willing.
The price of the machine is 3500 USD. Only and inclusive free shipping costs.
Equivalent to SR 13,000
And accept very respect

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